Our Goal

We are working tirelessly to create the very first marine sanctuary dedicated to the protection of sea turtles in Japan.
With your help, the very first sanctuary will be located right here in Okinawa.

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Chura-mura was founded in early summer of 2020. As an after-effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the subsequent decrease in tourism to Okinawa, there was a bloom of turtle nesting activity, first noticed along Uza Beach in Yomitan Village. 

We erected fences to protect these nests, and the area saw more turtles born than in many years previous, we assume because of the lack of traffic along the beach, and the fact that marine sports in the adjacent lagoon had slowed with the lack of tourism.

The protection of these nests, and our first summer with the turtles quickly evolved into an island wide movement, and the variety of programs that define chura-mura today.

How You Can Help

Sign Our Petition

Please consider signing our online petition indicating your support for the creation of a sanctuary for sea turtles in Okinawa.


We greatly appreciate all donations made to Churu-mura! Follow us on social media to see how your donation is being spent to protect sea turtles and keep the ocean clean!


We need volunteers for the following: administration, fundraising, and merchandising. All positions can be part-time and semi-remote. Please enquire to set up a time to meet and discuss how you can be a part of the Turtle Ranger Team.

Sign the Petition

Help create the first marine sanctuary in Japan

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Help our cause to protect the ocean

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Mother turtles will return to the beach they hatched from to lay their eggs.

If they cannot return to that beach and lay due to development, or other human intervention, they will not lay their eggs

anywhere else.

Programs & Activities

Coastal Watch Program

Monthly Beach Clean Initiative Hosted in Collaboration with OKILIFE

Each month we target a different local area and, working together with OKILIFE and with support from the American Chamber of Commerce’s Sustainability Committee, we spend the day cleaning the coast. As the beaches of Okinawa are turtle habitats, we need to ensure that they remain clean and free from dangerous debris. Please contact carl@ecojapan.org to find out more about volunteering for this event.

Chura-mura’s adopt a beach program

Consider adopting a stretch of Yomitan coastline. We are desperately in need of patrols to be conducted on area beaches once each morning and once each evening. Our beach patrollers are able to report any signs of nests, or any injury or death of a sea turtle so that we can erect fences around nests, or give assistance in emergency situations. Please contact carl@ecojapan.org to find out more about adopting your own beach.
Chura-mura Education Program

Community Outreach

If your organization would like to know more about sea turtle conservation, our team will be more than happy to visit your company, school, or group to deliver a presentation that will inform your people. Recently we have had the opportunity to deliver our curriculum to several area schools and we are eager to reach more people. Please contact carl@ecojapan.org to find out more about arranging a Chura-mura presentation.

Chura-mura Ocean Rangers

We are now hosting a monthly program to educate youth on the importance of conservation work and being environmentally conscious. Together with our friends at Blue Reef Okinawa, who provide the ocean skills and safety training for our course, we lead an excited group of youth into the wilderness, with education and conservancy as our primary focus. Please contact carl@ecojapan.org to find out more about Chura-mura’s Ocean Ranger Program.
Fundraising Program

Fundraising for a Cause

Learn how to host your own Chura-mura donations drive. We can work with you to give you the skills to present our cause within your community so that you can become a Chura-mura Team Fundraiser. We need all the support we can gather to reach our goal of making a sanctuary for sea turtles here in Okinawa. With your support, we believe we can do it! Contact carl@ecojapan.org for more information.

Meet Our Awesome Team

カール・バスティアン Carl Bastian

  • マリン保護活動家  Marine Conservationist 
  • オーストラリア生まれ 45才   45-year-old Australian
  • リュウキュウワールドオフィス代表 エコジャパン創立  21 years in Japan in hospitality management and entrepreneurship

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  • Governor at American Chamber of Commerce Okinawa 
  • Sustainability Committee Chairman 
  • NPO Churamura – Coastal Conservation Agency Founder
  • 1st ever ambition: to become a marine biologist
  • Married with 2 daughters

I enjoy everything ocean-related, golf, reading & traveling.

Favorite quote: “Those with the ability to act have a responsibility to take action.”

Why I fell in love with sea turtles: From the tears that mothers shed when laying eggs, to the frenzy of hatchlings heading to the water to begin their 10,000km life journey across the pacific, these complex reptiles have been around since the dinosaurs, live as long as humans, and help sustain the ocean ecosystem (sustaining all life on earth).

カール バスティアン

オーストラリア生まれ 45歳







なぜウミガメが好き:涙を流す産卵する母ガメから 初めて海にダッシュするふ化したばかりの仔ガメまで、恐竜時代から生息し、人間のように長い生きし、生涯に数万キロの長距離に泳ぐ、海の生態系(我々の地球生命体すべて)を支えてくれる不思議で複雑で守らなければならない生き物だから好きです。

ヨギヨシイチ Yogi Yoichi

  • 52歳   52 years old
  • 老人ホーム 谷茶の丘.雅 機能回復訓練員                         Functional Recovery Trainer at Tancha-no-oka Nursing Home.

  • 海亀大好き!                                          Sea turtle lover

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I’m an old man who loves sea turtles. After seeing the hatching of baby sea turtles, I started looking for sea turtle tracks in early spring. I noticed trash on the beach but I didn’t go through it. While researching sea turtles on the internet marine environment while researching on the internet about sea turtles. Learning about the Pacific Garbage Belt that would be addressed by a large organization. I learned about the threat of ghost nets, plastic bags, and straws in a sea turtle rescue video. I do beach cleanup activities as much as I can.

Favorite quote: “The earth is not something we inherited from our ancestors, it is something we borrow from our children.

I want the Yomitan coast to be recognized as a “Hope Spot”.

ヨギ ヨシイチ

1968年(昭和43年)生まれ 52才

老人ホーム 谷茶の丘.雅 機能回復訓練員

ウミガメ好きのおっさん ヨッシー










山口有紀子 Yukiko Yamaguchi

  • 旅行と学ぶことが好きです!I like traveling and learning!
  • 自然好き Nature lover
  • 海のアーティスト Ocean Artist

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Coming soon!

クレイグ・ポープ Craig Pope

  • 教員 Educator
  • 別名 カリフォルニア・クレイグ a.k.a. California Craig 
  • 一緒に海を守ろう!Help us protect the ocean!

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Likes: Yachimun, the ocean, camping, and BBQ

My wife is a potter.

I am a father of two daughters.

I often go to the beach with my family.

Favorite Quote: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible”

– 14th Dalai Lama

Best regards!


ポープ クレッグ




好きなもの: やちむんと海とキャンプとBBQ









河辺照之 Teruyuki Kawabe

  • テルです!I’m Teru! 
  • ダイビングインストラクター Dive instructor
  • 気象予報士 Weather forecaster for QAB

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I’m Teru.

Teruyuki Kawabe, age 50

Born in Yokohama

Lived in Chiba for the longest time, followed by Okinawa

Graduated from the Department of Oceanography, Faculty of Science, University of the Ryukyus

Diving instructor

Weather forecaster

Representative of Nature Guide Double Rainbow

QAB, the evening news program of Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting Co.

QAB’s evening news program, “Q Plus”, has a weather forecast corner and

Occasionally appearing on the program

I like nature and science.

Her favorite things are nature, science, and omotenashi.

I like to watch baby sea turtles

The escape of baby sea turtles from their nests (hatching) is truly mesmerizing.

I would like to offer everyone a chance to see it.

I would like to offer you the chance to see.

I’d like to offer you the chance to see it.









QAB 琉球朝日放送の夕方ニュース番組





ウミガメの赤ちゃんたちの、巣からの(孵化)脱出はホントに心奪われますよ♪ 是非皆さんにも見られるチャンスを提供してあげたいです。


マッチー団長 Commander Machi

  • 年齢不明 Age – Unknown
  • ミッション:ウミガメを救うこと Mission – Save Turtles!
  • 好きなアイス:あずき Favorite Ice Cream – Azuki

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I was so excited the first time I saw a mother turtle’s footprints on Uza beach and since that day I’ve been on a mission.

Favorite quote: “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

Thank you for your continued support of Chura-mura.






  • 26才 Age – 26
  • 土木関係 Civil engineer
  • ゆんたんちゅう Yomitan born and bred

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Nao, the beach.

26, civil engineer.

Yuntanchu, a little seasick.

I fell in love at first sight when I saw a sea turtle come up to lay eggs next to me during night fishing. Since being asked to join the Chura Village team, he has been dedicated to sea turtle patrol and beach beautification.

Japan’s first sea turtle sanctuary in Okinawa!




夜のフィッシングの時 横にウミガメの産卵に上がってきたことを見て一目ぼれ。美ら村チームに入らないかと声を掛けられてからウミガメパトロールや海岸美化に一筋。


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