Community Outreach

Coastal Beautification

Working together with OKILIFE and with support from the American Chamber of Commerce’s Sustainability Committee, each month we target a different local area and spend the day cleaning the coast. Ocean trash and ghost nets are some of the biggest threats to sea turtle survival. By teaming up with our sister organizations, the Okinawa Coastal Protection Alliance (OCPA) and Yomitan Beach Clean Network (YBCN), we regularly put together teams of volunteers to keep the coastline beautiful. As Okinawa beaches are crucial sea turtle habitats, our work ensures that they remain clean and free from dangerous debris that could entangle or be ingested by sea turtles.



The 1st Annual Okinawa Sea Turtle Festival, hosted by Churamura, was held at Uza Beach in Yomitan Village on October 21, 2023 & was a resounding success in celebrating the conclusion of the sea turtle nesting season. With the theme of “Conservation & Community,” the event surpassed its goals, drawing an estimate of 1,000 attendees and raising $500 for sea turtle conservation. Activities included a beach cleanup, transforming collected microplastics into art, and the highlight—Sea Turtle Olympics, offering both fun and educational experiences for participants of all ages. The festival not only achieved its mission of fostering environmental awareness but also brought together many local vendors and performers from the Okinawan community.


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