Churamura Sea Turtle Conservation Summer Camps

Inspiring the next generation of conservationists is a big part of our mission. We offered our first season of summer camps in 2023, giving 27 kids an unforgettable experience!

Our summer camps are held during nesting season so the kids can learn first-hand how we protect Okinawa’s endangered sea turtles. They will have the chance to participate in: night patrols, nest identification and monitoring, hatching events, nest excavation, and much more. 

We strive to give the kids a well-rounded experience. They will have the opportunity to meet and learn from Okinawa conservation legends like: Shawn Miller (National Geographic photographer), Dr. Mareike Dornhege (Shark Ecologist), and Yuki (Resin Artist). They’ll also be immersed in Okinawan culture through cuisine, meeting locals, learning some Japanese vocabulary, and exploring the island’s rich nature.

Sign your child up for a life changing experience with Churamura!

2024 Summer Camp Registration Overview

Junior Turtle Rangers

  • Ages 13-17 focusing on sea turtle biology, marine biology and ocean conservation
  • 10 days (including 1 overnight trip & 2 boat trips)
  • SCUBA Diving and Freediving
  • Sea Turtle nest examination, protection, excavation, hatching & rescue operations
  • Behind the scenes tours (Churaumi Aquarium, Sango Batake Coral Farm, and more)
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Little Loggerheads

  • Ages 8-12
  • 5 days (including 1 overnight trip)
  • PADI Bubble Maker Program
  • Behind the scenes tours (Churaumi Aquarium, Sango Batake Coral Farm, and more)
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Testimonials from the Parents: Summer Camp 2023

“I would definitely recommend this camp to anyone with children that have an interest in the ocean, their environment, and/or sea turtles. The opportunities afforded are special to their time in Okinawa. The ability to see turtle conservation in action, to visit local Ryukyu islands, OIST, and the aquarium are potentially life changing for a child. You might inspire your child to find a career in any of these fields.”
“I signed my daughter up for this camp because I loved the mission of Churamura. To be exposed to concepts of conservation, ocean safety and the beauty of our natural resources at a young age is invaluable. She came away with many skills: social and physical. She made great friends, had a very positive experience and hasn't stopped talking about biology, ecology and conservation ever since.”
“My children have always loved sea turtles and it was amazing that they got to learn more about them. They truly loved seeing one up close. Also, the staff were great and treated my kids like their own. What I wasn’t expecting was for my kids to gain so much confidence in the water. Their snorkeling skills have improved so much that they are now better than me! They are diving under the water and clearing their snorkels no problem. At the end of camp, my kids were asking to sign up for the next one.”
“The activities the rangers did with the campers were not something I would have done in our family environment. They were very adventurous and she grew a great deal from the experience, challenged herself and came through feeling more confident.”
“This was our boys first camp that included an overnight stay without us. We knew that we needed to trust the people that would be watching over them, and the Chura Mura staff were perfect for the job. Their communication with us parents was always timely without being overbearing; while their supervision of the kids was enough to allow them room to make their decisions and shine as young adults.”

Sign your child up for a life changing experience with Churamura!